Legal Notices


In life there are certain things you don’t do, or certain advice you don’t follow, without consulting with either a) your lawyer, b) your accountant or c) your medical doctor. That doesn’t mean all licensed “professionals” get it right all the time, but they are granted a certain legal authority. We at The Critical Tinkering Network have NO SUCH LEGAL AUTHORITY.

This is a bit of a sticky issue for us. Critical tinkerers have a lot of strong opinions on a lot of subjects. But without the legal authority to back them up, they are only opinions–NOT ADVICE!


Yes, we track you, but not nearly as much as your smart phone!

We track you via browser “cookies”, “authentication tokens” and your IP address. That is basically how we can allow you to contribute comments or other content or to access to premium content.

Yes, we require your email address when you register and that address has to be verified. It reduces the chance that you are a spam bot. It also means you can subscribe to email notifications. Isn’t that cool?

No, we won’t tell anyone your email address. We won’t sell it; we won’t give it. We only use it to contact you directly, in accordance with your subscription settings. If you find yourself getting more email than you want from us, then login and change your subscription settings to something less potent.

Yes, if you login via Facebook or Twitter or Google, etc., those providers tell us basic information about you… the normal stuff that you get asked for whenever you register for any website… like your name, email address and the last time you changed your socks. Ultimately they are vouching for you which saves you the extra steps it usually take to register and log in.

No, we don’t actively send any information about you back to Facebook or Twitter or Google, etc. That said, they are still be able to track you via “widgets” or javascript code that might be embedded into our web pages. It’s those pesky widgets again… you know… like the Facebook “Like” or “Tweet about this page” kind of buttons or icons you see littered around many websites. Hey, if they didn’t do all that stuff then their “services” wouldn’t be free of charge.

Let me out of here!

Get tired of us? Don’t love us anymore? Unsubscribing to all notifications should reduce the noise to pretty near zero. If that’s not enough, you can delete your account. (You can’t do that yourself, but if you ask us, we’ll look after it for you.).

We just want to be totally fair and upfront with you and everybody else.

Copyright & Trademark

The content of this web site is copyrighted. If you want to use some of our content, you have to get permission from the author directly. PLAY NICE AND PLEASE ASK!

Critical Tinkering  is the brand and trademark for this website and its content but, to be fair, there are more than a few “critical tinkerers” in the world. In particular we respectfully acknowledge Adam Lappin over at blogspot who started his blog a whole year before this site went live but has long since disappeared.