XLR Connector

The Cannon XLR Connector is a plug and jack combination commonly found in audio, video and stage lighting applications. It is available in configurations from 3 to 7 conductor pins.

EIA Standard RS-297-A standardises the use of the 3-pin Cannon connector (XLR3) for balanced audio signals. The XLR3 is used with professional microphones, and to connect line-level output signals to powered loudspeakers.

The XLR jack consists of a metal barrel that is 15.8 mm (0.62 inch) in diameter and 12.35 mm (0.48 inches) in length. The barrel encloses an insulated connector housing, with pin receptacles (female) arranged in the housing. The plug has a corresponding metal barrel that slides over the jack and a latch. The pins protrude from their insulated housing but are completely enclosed by the barrel, providing some protection from accidental short circuits and insuring that the ground/earth contact is made before the pin conductors make contact. A keyway ensures correct orientation of the barrel when inserting.

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